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S.T.E.A.M. Powered Interview


I sat down with my good friend and host of the S.T.E.A.M Power Podcast, Michael Parks, yesterday to talk tech, education, and tips for getting into programming without jumping right into a degree program.  We discuss my background, how I got into the field, and what resources are available for new or aspiring programmers to […]

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End of Movember


Movember has ended and my mustache didn’t turn out quite as I intended.  That’s not to say that it didn’t look awesome at the end of the month, but it just wasn’t what I expected. I originally wanted to grow the hair out on my cheeks until it was good and thick.  Then, the goal was […]

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I like having strange looking facial hair.  My fiance, she hates it.  Being that it’s now November, I once again have an excuse to make my ridiculous facial hair possible.  Every November, the Mo Movement holds its annual Movember event to raise money for men’s health programs.  Some folks at work have a team that […]

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Unity 2D Support


Unity’s Unite conference was this week and every announcement they made just reaffirmed my stance on Unity being the best game engine out there.  Announced this week was Unity Cloud, an integrated Facebook and Parse SDK, a publishing arm in the form of Unity Games, animation and GUI improvements, and most importantly, a 2D workflow. […]

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TubeTastic for Android


I’ve worked on a few games for the Android platform in the past.  I’ve worked on popular indie games and even some not so popular games for large publishers.  However, all of that work was done when I worked for a development house so I’ve never been credited on a single Android game.  Recently, I […]

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Let’s Play with Supergiant


YouTube “Let’s Play” videos have come under fire lately after Nintendo started forcing ads on videos of their games.  They may have eventually relented but the fact that they were ever able to force ads on videos sets a bad precedent for those people making a living playing games on YouTube.  In the midst of […]

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Pedro Strop

Today the Baltimore Orioles completed a trade with the Chicago Cubs that would send RHP Pedro Strop and RHP Jake Arrieta to Chicago in exchange for RHP Scott Feldman and utility infielder Steve Clevenger.  The trade is a great move for both sides since the O’s need a solid starter and the Cubs could use […]

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